Asphalt and bitumen

The use of Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) has been successful for several decades by significantly improving the quality and lifetime of our asphalt roads. Supported by the enormous increase of traffic over the last 30 years (in volume as well as overload caused by traffic jams) the use of these polymers have increased substantially and continue to grow. These polymers can roughly be divided into 2 categories, EVA Plastomers and SBS Blockcopolymers.

Annually appr. 800 million tons of asphalt is being produced in The Netherlands for renovation and construction of new roads, with a share of approx. 700.000 tons of polymers.

Main features of EVA Polybilt 106 are enlarging viscosity and stiffness of the bitumen and improvement of resistance against deformation (rutting).

Since Polybilt improves quality, safety and sustainability of the asphalt it is a cost saver and therefor a key item.

We also supply FT-waxes from Sinoplas, which reduces viscosity of the bitumen and is key for the production of LTA (Low Temperature Asphalt). The working temperature can be reduced to over 30 degrees Celsius what enables a lower CO2 emission and provides energy saving.